Teaching since 1997 in general and since 2004 specifically in the Presbyterian college of education of which ten years was used to perform an additional responsibility as a hall warden for the Pinido Hall, is enough to appreciate the nuances of the students and management engagements. It is against this backdrop that I work to the best of my ability in the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

Mission: To be a results-oriented resource person to all my clients.  
The Office of Dean of Student Affairs
 The student is the reason all other endeavours take place in the college. Young people have their own way of achieving the same purpose as their mentors and management. This sometimes brings a wedge between both parties and places them at different positions of the aisle. It is in this regard that the dean of student affairs office becomes so crucial in the scheme of things of the college business as a whole. The office serves as a bridge for students and college management on one hand and faculty and senior members on the other, to foster smooth and congenial atmosphere for the community.
The office seeks among other things to;
  • Collaborate with hostel/hall staff to facilitate appropriate / ideal accommodation for students.
  • Promote the rights and responsibilities of students.
  • Liaise with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) to resolve students’ grievances and challenges the best way possible.
  • Where necessary refer matters of grave concern to the appropriate offices for redress.
  • Scrutinize and monitor the financial and general issues of the SRC in the manner that satisfies all.
  • Adequately represent students on the Academic Board and any other committee that deals with issues concerning students.