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The Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong (PCE) formerly known as Presbyterian Training College (PTC), Akropong, was established in 3rd July, 1848 by the Basel Evangelical Society with the core aim of training Professional Teachers. It is the first and oldest institution of higher learning in Ghana and second in West Africa only to the Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone. The PCE has also contributed to the development of various aspect of national life, such as the development of Ghanaian Languages, Sports, Religion and Computer training, hence the name “Mother of Our Schools”.

PCE remains the only College of Education which trains both visually and hearing impaired. PCE gives teachers generally sound and basic education as well as attitudes and skills to live a shining and exemplary lives in the society.

PCE was running only Diploma Programmes until in 2017, the College was accredited to run Degree Programmes by the National Accreditation Board to award degree certificates to teachers after their four years’ programme. There are seven Departments in PCE, namely;

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Sciences
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Vocational and Technical Education
  • Departments of Creative Arts
  • Department of Mathematics and ICT
  • Department of Languages

There are two major Degree Programmes offered in PCE namely;

  • Bachelor of Education, Primary Education and
  • Bachelor of JHS Education with options in RME, History,                                                                                                              ICT, Agricultural Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts,                                                                                                                    Social Studies, Home Economics, Science and Technical

    To achieve international eminence in teacher Education


Value Statement

Excellence                                                                                The institution faculty and students will strive and attain excellence in all endeavors

Professionalism                                                               Inculcating high professionalism skills knowledge and ethics in pre service teachers

Innovation                                                                         Continuously exploiting improved ways of doing things to bring about innovation and growth


  • Dedicated to producing teachers who are equipped with cutting edge skills in the teaching of science mathematics technical and vocational education?


  • We are committed to education students with special to attain their maximum potent


  • We are committed to training technology driven creative and innovative professionals


  • We will recruit faculty that will inspire students
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