PCE Mourns One of its Own

We have gathered here in very dark colours. The mood is a dark one too. Though the sun is shining, you are not smiling and none of us around is smiling. You are neatly dressed. Looking your usual handsome self. But that cannot even lift our spirits because you are trapped in a wooden piece with a glass screen. We can’t touch you. We can’t hug you.  We can only look at you as we pay our last respect.

A happy-go-gay personality you had. Always vibrant, always smiling, always breezing into the conversation, always talking about one thing or the other. You would make your point forcefully, seeking to convince and with flowery language too. The ever-popular Aaron. You were such a carefree spirit, never allowing anything to disturb you. You will say your piece and make sure someone listened.

You had your own constituency and would always ask everyone to vote for you whether the one voted there or not. Such was your jovial nature.

Wherever he met you, Aaron would always bring both palms towards his heart in greeting. That was the difference he made.

The last time I saw you, I did not experience the usual greeting. You only raised your hand in greeting and I thought that was highly unusual. The expression in your eyes told a story but I had no prior knowledge then so I could not comprehend. I could tell there was something wrong but I could not put a finger on it. It only became clear when I read your text message on the platform and saw you with a gas mask in that bed. Even then, there was hope that all was going to be well. You sounded it, it gave us the impetus to seek the face of God. So my question is why did you give up? You didn’t even think about your responsibilities on this side, anything motivating enough to hang on? Well, I only ask a question. I know the answer will be multifaceted but ultimately God loves you best.

You have indeed created a vacuum. One that can never be filled. We can but only wish you a smooth transition. Journey well our dear, colleague.

     Da yie dofo fonafo, wedzwuma abo adze!

The human man is so frail but the spirit man makes all the difference on condition that we nurture him with the provisions of nature. We have the word of God to guide us yet, we ignore it. Man must always come face to face with adversity in order to remember the creator. That is so unfortunate. Let us make hay while the sun shines. Wherever it is we came from, we will go back one day. We must be ready to give account of our dealings here. It’s reflection time for us 

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